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22-01 01/09/2022 Dee Russell May I please get an electronic copy of the "redline" version of the Code of Ethics as discussed in the January 6th organizational meeting? And may I please know when the copy which was included in the packet change to a redline version and by whom YES    
22-02 01-11-2022 Jackie Wilton Animal Bite Records YES    
22-03 01-10-2022 Cindy Deakyne Dog Bite incident records.  YES    
22-04 01-20-2022 Candy Eubank All correspondence, including text messages, files, emails, photographs or other documents pertaining in any way to Mark and/or Candy Eubank, Eubank & Company, LLC., Lot Scapes, Tin Can Alley, State Rt. 633 that occurred or is dated after 1/01/2018.
2. All correspondence, including text messages files, emails, photographs or other documents pertaining in any way to Bill Cheek aka. William Cheek, or Lisa Emerson that occurred or is dated after 1/01/2018.  Email sent with quote 1.26.2022 jlg
22-05 01-24-2022 Dee Russell Requested a copy of all of Carole Bova's HIW FOIA Requests YES    
22-06 01-26-2022 John Walker Requested a copy of FOIA request 21-19 WITHDRAWN

22-07 01-31-2022 Dee Russell May I please get an electronic copy of all emails from Mike Walls and David Jones from either their county or personal email accounts from January 1, 2022 to January 26, 2022 which have anything to do with county business with the exception of personnel issues.
I will be happy to bring a zip drive by once the FOIA request has been completed. Thanks, and have a great day! Dee Russell
22-08 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have electronic copies of all applications of anyone who submitted an application for consideration for appointment to:
Board of Building Code Appeals
Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (Citizen Representative) I re-read my request #1... I would like to amend that request for only applications from January 1, 2022 for those appointments and add the Board of Zoning Appeals.
22-08A 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have electronic copies of all the Board of Supervisors
Statements of Economic Interest as required by the Virginia State Code § 24.2-502.
22-08B 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have a copy of the email referenced by David Jones during the January 25th BOS meeting. For reference his statement at 2:17:34 of the recording was:
"I received an email on my personal email account about ordinance 175-15.10 Inoperable or Junk Vehicles." 
22-09 03-20-2022 Carol Bova Please send an electronic copy of any Church View invoices paid after 3/11/22, or waiting to be paid, plus invoice number 52539 paid on 3/11/22. (Date shown as 2/24/22 on expense report for 3/2 pumping.) Thank you!  Carol J. Bova 6163
22-10 03-25-2022 Carol Bova NextGen July 2020 proposal said: The cost of the proposed NextGen Septic system will be $47,800 which includes all the
equipment, as shown in the figures. NextGen Septic requires 70% down payment with formal sale contract agreement at the time the Purchase Order is issued. The County paid $50,000 on May 28, 2021 and expense report said 1 of 3.
November 5, 2021, paid: NEXTGEN SEPTIC LLC Capital Outlay 2ND PAYMENT OF 3 2ND PAYMENT OF3 11/05/2021 12/01/2021 18,000.00
I found no record in the Board packets for a formal sale contract agreement or purchase order. I am requesting electronic copies of: Next Gen formal sale contract agreement
 Purchase order for that contract Invoices for May 2021 payment, November 2021 payment, and any other NextGen invoices—paid or unpaid.
YES - Invoices sent. Other documents were not found.    
22-11 04-06-2022 Dee Russell Past inspections, handwritten notes and any information regarding Hole in the Wall.  Information sent via Cnty. Atty on 4.19.2022    
22-12 04.13.2022 Dee Russell Based on statements made to me by County staff last week about the destruction of the paper permit file for the county owned property located at :384 Old Ferry Road, Grimstead, VA, 23064 also known as Hole in the Wall Restaurant I would like the following information:
 1. What is the exact date of the destruction of the file?
 2. Who destroyed the file?  3. How did they destroy the file?  4. What was the contents of the file at time of destruction?  5. Who initiated the destruction of this file?
 6. Who was the County records officer at the time of destruction?  7. What was the reason for the destruction of the file? 8. Were any parts of the file scanned into Laserfiche prior to destruction?
County Attorney Processing    
22-13-15 04-19-2022 Byron Rauch Extensive request (3 total) requesting various emails and FOIA charges YES

22-16 05-04-2022 Carol Bova Now that the Hole in the Wall file has been gathered together as stated at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting, I again request electronic copies of:
• the Next Gen formal sales contract agreement
• any document showing who authorized the $50,000 and $18,000 payments to Next Gen
• a document showing where the board approved the original $78,000 purchase plus engineering fees which were not included in those invoices, or approval for the upgraded system shown in invoice #3 estimated at $128,900.
22-17 05.25.2022 Dee Russell Based on the "revelations" at the BOS meeting this evening I would like the following documents:
All "Constructional engineers" names which were contacted to review HITW including copies of invoices and any documents which were offered by those entities as a response. A copy of the structural engineers report as presented at the BOS meeting. Which was not in the packet.
22-18 05.25.2022 Dee Russell If you would please amend my FOIA request 22-18 to read the following:
May I please have electronic copies of the applications for the planning commission referenced by Mike Walls and an electronic copy of the Planning Commission Attendance sheets as referenced by David Jones in last night's meeting on 5/24/2022. Thanks Dee
22-19 05.27.2022 Carol Bova Sorry to bother you! I want to double check information for an article I’m writing. Could you please send me a copy of the building department permit for the Seabreeze lift in 2016?
Thank you, Carol

22-20 05.03.2022 Dee Russell  Extensive request filtered through County Attorney - assigning number for tracking purposes.  Files sent via Dropbox. YES    
22-21 06.08.2022 Dee Russell I would like the following documents in both electronic and paper format: A copy of the final Building Inspector’s (Jamie Wilkes) signed and approved site plan to be used by the contractors for the HITW restaurant lift and the deck addition. A copy of the site plan submitted to the Structural Engineer firm “The Structures Group” which was used for their inspection of the HITW restaurant lift and deck addition. YES    
22-22 07.25.2022 Carol Bova
 When you have a minute, could you please check if the county received an invoice for Hole in the Wall pumping on or about 5/18 and send a digital copy? It’s been done weekly or more often (except in the winter) for years, so it’s odd that there is no invoice in the accounts payable when previous and following weeks were 3100-3120 gallons. Was a payment made in an end of the year transaction that didn’t show in the regular monthly accounts payable report?
22-23 07.27.2022 Dee Russell Mike Walls and Paul Hudgins referenced documents which were provided to all members of the board in reference to the memorial monument. None of these documents were provided in the packet, but were used by Mike Walls to make a motion for the adjudication of ownership of the memorial and a request for public hearing to deed property to a non government entity. Please provide me all copies of the documents provided to the board by any entity as referenced in the BOS meeting on 7/26/2022 in reference to the Mathews Memorial In addition I am requesting copies of all communications between any member of the UDC and/or SCV and any BOS member in the last 60 days YES    
22-24 07.27.2022 Chris Bridge Good morning! In the interest of citizens better understanding the issue of the County gifting public property on the Historic Courthouse Green to a private organization I am making a Freedom of Information request. Please provide to me the documents and references to Virginia laws or the Virginia Constitution being used by Mathews County to authorize decisions to deed public land to a private entity or organization. In addition, please provide documents/information about the eligibility requirements for and the process by which an organization may request that public land be deeded to them. Response sent for clarification 7.27.22.    
22-25 08.02.2022 Yvette Gaither Greetings, I would like all emails (county or personal) and written communications to or from any staff, BOS member, citizen, or business entity in reference to the survey of public land under the memorial at the courthouse green from March 2022. Request a copy of the survey, how the request was made and who performed the survey. Please email documents if possible.
Sincerely, Yvette Gaither North, VA
22-26 08.05.2022 Carol Bova I’d like to get digital copies of any email correspondence between former building official Jamie Wilks and Engineering Design Associates re Christian 674 Morse Point 17-005 FEMA HMGP house lift. Thank you, Carol UNABLE TO FULFILL     
22-27 08.21.2022 Carol Bova 1. drawing(s) or description(s) with diameter of circle and width of traffic lanes for proposed SMART scale project at 3/198. 2. conceptual plan traffic estimates for entire parcel including Dollar General and associated development.
Please include this request as a written comment for the August 23 Board of Supervisors meeting. Carol J. Bova
22-28 8.29.2022 Sherry Hamilton Could you please provide me with the agreement that Mathews County entered into with the Mathews Land Conservancy regarding the $1.7 million federal ISTEA grant the conservancy used to purchase and develop the property at Williams Wharf? Mathews County was the fiscal agent and underwriter for the grant. I'm not sure of the date of the grant, but it may have been awarded as long ago as the 1990s. Thank you.
Sherry Hamilton
22-29 9.22.2022 Dee Russell Get an electronic copy of the sign in sheets from last night’s citizen comment and public hearings.
Thank you Dee
22-30 9.23.2022 Shawn Jaeger I would like to submit a FOIA request on the cost of extra security for the BOS meeting on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022. I noticed about 20 police vehicles by the rescue squad and I'm aware 4 rescue squad vehicles were also ready to go. I'd just like to know if that cost the county extra money, and if so, how much it was. Thank you, Shawn YES    
22-31 9.28.2022 Tim Berkhoff I am interested in receiving or inspecting a list of all known projects in the past 25 years that utilized federal or Virginia state funds (grants, loans, etc.) to improve, enhance, update, protect, or maintain the county-owned historic court green property, 63 Church St., Parcel ID 26A3-A-163, to include but not limited to, Community Development Block Grant projects, sidewalk/curb, storm water drainage, ground and building improvements. The project name, $ amount, dates of the project, and federal or state program name that provided the funds is desired. Thank you for your assistance, Tim Berkoff Port Haywood, Virginia YES    
22-32 10.4.2022 Dee Russell I would like the county to send me electronic file copies of those meetings. For clarification: I would like a copy of the audio only for the July 26th meeting since there is no video. I would also like both video and audio for the meetings on August 23, September 21, and October 3.
Thanks! Dee
22-33 10.21.2022 Jessica Christensen I would like to see the email Mr. David Jones mentions was sent from Ms. Linda Hodges to Chairman Paul Hudgins during the Joint Work Session between the School Board and the Board of Supervisors on October 11, 2002. Mr. Jones did not state a specific date that this email was sent, so I would like to see any email communication between Linda Hodges, Paul Hudgins and David Jones from October 1, 2021 to October 14, 2022. Thank you in advance! 
 And as I reviewed my FOIA request I realized that I asked about emails between Mr Hudgins, Mr Jones, and Ms Hodges. I realized I should have requested just between Mr Hudgins and Ms Hodges only as one search, not including Mr Jones. Is that possible, to modify one search to be just between Mr Hudgins and Ms Hodges, and another between the three? Thanks! 
22-34 10.20.2022 Dee Russell If you would please provide an electronic copy of any Request For Proposals, Memos of Understanding, Signed Agreements and or contracts, Description of Services or any emails or other written documentation in reference to the company hired to look into a breach of County records in May 2021 as discussed in the last BOS meeting.  Thank you, Dee County Attorney     
22-35 10.15.2022 Susan Hill This request was in a quarantine folder.  I spoke to Susan Hill today.  Requested information has been found and will be sent via email on 10.26.2022.   Dear Judy, I attach another FOIA request for information, as it may be possible that my original request dated Oct. 15, 2022 and received by you on Oct. 17, 2022 has been forgotten or ended up in a spam folder after you read it. Thank you for your attention to this. Susan Hill
Dear Judy, I would like electronic copies of all County policies used for absences due to Covid by employees, various board and commission members, and county contractors. I sent this request earlier, but I do not think it went through from where I sent it. Thank you. Susan Hill

22-36 10.27.2022 Brian Shumway Do you know who to contact for the following information: 1. A list of property addresses that have received any code violations since June 1st, 2022. Please provide type of violation, for example ( high weeds and grass, inoperable unlicensed vehicle, vacant, unpermitted day care, improper zoning, no permit, no hvac/electric) Please send in excel or word document. I appreciate your help! Thank you,
Brian Shumway 703-965-9236

22-37 10.20.2022 Dee Russell If you would please provide an electronic copy of any Request For Proposals, Memos of Understanding, Signed Agreements and or contracts, Description of Services or any emails or other written documentation in reference to the company hired to look into a breach of County records in May 2021 as discussed in the last BOS meeting. Thank you, Dee YES
Sent to Atty.  
22-08.1 02.03.2022
Dave Jones The dates requested: April 2018 – September 2020
All correspondence between:
• Engineering Design Associates • Melinda Conner
• Richmond County Building Officials
• Northumberland County Officials
This FOIA request originally came in December, however it was a broad-spectrum request. I assisted Mr. Jones with searching the various locations to find the domain’s so that the information search would be more accurate.
UPDATED on 11.18.22 to include correspondence between Mathews County Employees J. Wilks, T. Jenkins, and County Attorney A. Erard with the aforementioned locations.
The requested information is not available at this time.  This matter is currently under administrative investigation to locate missing emails and files.  
Sent to Attorney    
22-38 11.28.2022 Carol Bova Virginia Code § 24.2-801. Petition for recount; recount court, section C states, "In an election for office, a copy of the petition shall be served on the candidate apparently nominated or elected as provided under § 8.01-296and within 10 days after the State Board or electoral board has certified the results of such election." There is no statement in the Code regarding legal representation of the Electoral Board, therefore, I am requesting the following records in digital format: • Any document showing what allowed the County Attorney to appear at the first recount hearing in December 2019 for the electoral board against a then-sitting board member
• The record of who requested the County Attorney to represent the Electoral Board at the recount hearings of the 2019 supervisor's race between Jackie Ingram and G.C. Morrow
• the invoice showing time and amount billed for such representation • the record of who authorized the payment of the County Attorney's invoice for said invoice  Thank you, Carol J. Bova

22-39 11.29.2022 Judith Kiser Records All correspondence between NAACP (including representatives for this organization) and Mathews County including BOS members, specifically as that correspondence pertains to the Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial on Mathews Courthouse Green.  EMAIL SENT ASKING FOR A TIMELINE TO MS. KISER ON 11.29.2022 YES    
22-08.2 11.21.2022 Dave Jones 1. Any emails, fax or handwritten notes or any correspondence between the county attorney and anyone working for or associated with Mathews County Va. Government on 11.18.2022
2. Any Emails, Handwritten notes or any correspondence or fax between the county attorney and the former building official Jami Wilks from the date the current county attorney was hired by Mathews County Va. Government until present to include after Mr. Wilks left the employ of Mathews County until present.  **#2 - Sent to County Attorney due to email account deleted from County servers.