Required Inspections

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  3. Manufactured Homes
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All inspection requests require a minimum of 24-hours prior notice and the permit number.


Per section 113.7 of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC), the Building Department has 2 working days to complete Inspections. Note: inspection times can not be requested or scheduled.

  • Footing
    • Prior to pouring concrete: excavation is complete, reinforcement and grade stakes are installed
    • Before a footing inspection can be performed, Planning and Zoning must perform a set back verification.
  • Slab and-or the placement of concrete
    • Prior to pouring concrete: prep-work or forms installed; reinforcement installed; any below slab insulation, plumbing or electrical installed and tested
  • Foundation/floor joist/projection (still plate with anchor bolts and floor joists, prior to sub floor)
  • All modular homes and new foundations for elevation projects must have a Foundation Inspection prior to setting the home on the new foundation.
  • Rough In: plumbing, electrical and mechanical prior to concealment.
    • With the adoption of the 2015 USBC, duct testing is now mandatory (N1103.3.3)
  • Framing (building needs to be weather tight, roof complete and windows/doors installed and taped/sealed)
    • An exterior veneer inspection may be requested for siding/veneer installation (prior to the interior framing being complete).
  • Insulation (spray foam insulators must leave job card with product info and ICC-ESR or similar type data) - All insulation materials must be labeled per the USBC.
  • Fire resistant rated construction (garage-dwelling separation, fire walls, fire barriers, smoke barriers, etc.)
  • New electrical service/reconnect (with 2 ground rods or USBC approved grounding system and one GFCI electrical receptacle)
  • Temporary electrical power (with ground rod, GFCI electrical receptacle and approved Dominion Virginia Power set-up or configuration)
  • Gas lines (with 15 pounds of pressure on a 30 pound gauge, or half the gauge pressure)
  • Fireplace/chimney throat (when first flue tile is installed)
  • Marriage wall (for manufactured and modular homes)
  • Manufactured home/on-frame modular: piers, tie downs and ground anchors
  • Final inspection (all work must be complete).