Personal Property

Billed Annually  - Due December 5ᵗʰ

Taxes on all personal use motor vehicles to include automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, campers, 
non-motorized recreation vehicles and trailers (not mobile homes) --are prorated. Airplanes, boats, 
mobile homes, motor homes and business personal property are not prorated.

If you sell or relocate your motor vehicle from Mathews County to another prorating locality, the Mathews County tax may be prorated upon notification to the Commissioner of the Revenue. 
You may then be eligible for a refund of any taxes paid for that portion of the remaining year if proof of registration in another prorating locality is provided.

However, should you move the property to a non-prorating locality in Virginia, the full year's tax 
is payable to Mathews County. No refund will be issued since your liability to the non-prorating 
locality begins January 1 of the next year. Property sold after moving to a non-prorating locality will not be adjusted.

If you think your vehicle qualifies for a high mileage deduction, report your January 1 odometer 
reading prior to May 1st each tax year. Qualification will be determined by the January 1st  J.D. Power 
Official Used Car Guide.

Tax Relief for Veterans