Mathews County VA250 Committee

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On December 22, 2022, the Mathews County of Supervisors adopted a resolution in support of the Virginia 250 Commission, a statewide commission established by the General Assembly in 2020 to commemorate the nation's 250th anniversary and authorized the appointment of a local VA 250 committee to plan and coordinate programs and events within the Mathews County and the region leading up to and during 2026 and beyond. 

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To learn more about VA 250, visit the State Commission's website at


To the Mathews Community,

As the Chair of the Mathews VA250 Committee, I would like to introduce our committee and to advise you  the potential for mutual grant opportunities in connection with the 2026 celebration of our nation’s 250th birthday.

The Virginia General Assembly created the VA250 Commission to coordinate statewide commemorations of the 250th celebration. The website ( includes an inspiring mission statement that emphasizes how the 250th should be unifying, inclusive, and factual. 

 VA250 has encouraged the formation of countywide 250th committees to organize and coordinate local events.  In December 2022, the Mathews Board of Supervisors authorized formation of a local committee and subsequently appointed fifteen members.  More Information can be found at

The VA250 website identifies a number of grant opportunities for local 250th committees to work in partnership with local organizations. Please note: the only way for local organizations to access these funds is in partnership with their local 250 committee.

Mathews VA250 is in its early organizational stages and is actively exploring possible projects.  I want to take this opportunity to encourage your organization to consider how it may like to celebrate the 250th in partnership with Mathews250 regarding potential grant applications. In addition, tax deductible contributions may be made payable to Mathews VA250. 

Beginning next year, members of the Mathews VA250’s Executive Committee will be available to describe our plans and to encourage the opportunity for mutual participation.  Also feel free to contact me at any time at

We are really excited about this chance to bring the county together in a memorable and meaningful commemoration of the 250th.  As a Tidewater Virginia community, Mathews played a vital role in the Revolution.  Please join us in celebrating our important place in the Nation’s history.  Many thanks.

Fred Lyon, Chair, Mathews VA250