Board of Supervisors

Mathews County Government

Mathews County is governed by a publicly elected five-member Board of Supervisors who serve four year staggered terms. Daily operations of the county are handled by an appointed County Administrator. The County has adopted a comprehensive plan and zoning and subdivision ordinances.

2023 Group Photo

2023 Board of Supervisors

Pictured left to right (top row) Supervisor Dr. Reverend Melissa Mason (term thru 12.31.2023), Supervisor Mike Walls (term thru 12.31.2025), Supervisor Jackie Ingram (term thru 12.31.2023)(bottom row), Vice-Chair Paul Hudgins (term thru 12.31.2023), and Chairman Dave Jones (term thru 12.31.2025)

Photo courtesy of Sherry Hamilton @ The Gazette Journal.



The County’s Board of Supervisors includes five members elected at large who serve four year staggered terms.

Mission Statement

The government of Mathews County exists to provide the citizens of the county with services which will address their individual and collective needs both for the present and the future. In partnership with the citizens, the government of Mathews County pledges a civic stewardship that is fiscally accountable, socially responsible and worthy of citizen trust.

Privacy Notice

Under Virginia Law, all information, including email, written letters, documents and phone messages, sent to the Mathews County Board of Supervisors is subject to Freedom of Information Act law. This includes the sender’s email address, home address or phone number if shown in the message, the content of the message and any associated attachments to the mail.

Lobbying Statement

The County of Mathews does not contract with any lobbyist or lobbying firm. The elected Board of Supervisors and appointed County Administrator perform all lobbying activities on behalf of the citizens of Mathews, as needed. One member of the Board is appointed as the Legislative Liaison to the Virginia Association of Counties each year. 

The Board also pays membership dues to the Virginia Association of Counties and Virginia Municipal League, both of which also perform lobbying activities.

Board of Supervisors Retreat