Fifty-Year Vision for Mathews County

Widely acknowledged as the Pearl of the Chesapeake, Mathews is a beautiful, vibrant County with a rich cultural, political and economic heritage. With its 250 miles of waterfront, shoreline management and access to the water are priorities. Researchers studying effects of rising seas on fragile eco-systems and sustainable energy alternatives in a coastal community are attracted to Mathews. 

Informed citizens work closely with government to protect the County and their way of life. Through their efforts, the sky is clear and the air sweet. 


Development is limited and carefully planned to control pollutants and protect the natural environment. 


Biking and hiking trails weave through forests and meadows while low emission public vehicles minimize the need for cars. 


Life-long learning is an integral part of community life. Schools are outstanding, academically and athletically, with nationally competitive crew and sailing teams. 


County farms delight consumers and restaurant owners with local products while merchants welcome patrons with quality offerings. 


The arts community has grown. 


Central water, safe streets and sidewalks, sewage and waste water management systems support historic Mathews Courthouse. The County carefully focuses economic development, tailors the Comprehensive Plan to Mathews’ unique requirements and manages Zoning and Ordinances rigorously. 

Eco-friendly enterprises - aquaculture, maritime museums, marinas, sailing schools, sea farms, kayak farms, boat tours - concentrate economic activities on the water. 


Home-based businesses, dependent on Internet service, distribute Mathews’ products worldwide. Other commercial enterprises are approved in select locations when living-wage employment, limited environmental impact, and contribution to revenue can be demonstrated. 

By opening communication, encouraging citizen involvement and seeking funding alternatives, the County has achieved affordable housing, recreational options, health/wellness services, and a sustainable environment for its small, diverse population. 

Close Citizens

Citizens appreciate each other. They value their history; close-knit, family traditions; even-handed government; community services; and independence. Together, citizens look to the future with pride.