Clerk to the Board of Supervisors


Paperwork Preparation

The Clerk to the Board of Supervisors provides administrative assistance in meeting management, and prepares Board of Supervisors:

  • Background documentation
  • Legal notices
  • Meeting agendas
  • Pre and post Board meeting correspondence
  • Press releases
  • Other documents as needed

Meeting Services

The Clerk’s Office provides constituent services to Board of Supervisors members and assists with Board members calendars. The Clerk attends all meetings of the Board of Supervisors as required by the Board or County Administrator, records meeting action and prepares summary/action minutes as permanent record of meeting actions. The Clerk will certify or attest official County documents.

The Clerk’s office is responsible for drafting and maintaining all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, deeds and easements approved or adopted by the Board of Supervisors, as well as policies written by the County Administrator.

Board & Committee Appointment

The Clerk’s office maintains a directory of Board of Supervisors and Board and Committee appointments including terms.