Community Policy & Management Team


  • 1st Monday of every other month at 11:00 am.
  • Human Services Building
    536 Church Street
    Mathews, VA 23109


  • Tiffany Gordon
    Director of Social Services
  • Karen Grabowski
    Middle Peninsula Northern Neck CSB
  • John Heath
    Juvenile Court Services Unit
  • Karri Murphy
    Three Rivers Health District
  • Ramona Wilson, County Administrator
  • Jenny Pritchett
    Private Provide
  • Nancy Welch
    Mathews School Division Superintendent
  • Kathryn Tatterson
    Parent Representative
  • Janice Hudgins Phillips (Board Liason)
    Term expires: December 2024

Section 2.2-5205. Community Policy & Management Teams; Membership; Immunity from Liability

The community policy and management team to be appointed by the local governing body shall include, at a minimum, at least one elected official or appointed official or his designee from the governing body of a locality that is a member of the team, and the local agency heads or their designees of the following community agencies: community services board established pursuant to Section 37.2-501, juvenile court services unit, department of health, department of social services and the local school division. The team shall also include a representative of a private organization or association of providers for children’s or family services if such organizations or associations are located within the locality and a parent representative.